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    Question: Do You Really Need to "Rinse and Repeat" When You Shampoo?

    Answer: I challenge you to find a shampoo bottle that doesn't contain the directions to "rinse and repeat" (or some version of that). I've always wondered if companies put that on the back to get you to use more shampoo.

    So should you rinse and repeat?

    Maybe. If you have short hair, a good initial wash will do you. If you have long or really thick hair a second coat may be optimal. If you have to wash your hair twice because it's very thick but fine. Focus on the scalp with the initial shampoo, scrubbing it in a circular motion to ensure you get it as clean as possible. Then rinse and apply a second dollop of shampoo to the back of your head focusing on the rest of the hair.

    Not too impressed with your style?

    A bad hairstyle isn’t always so easy to identify—and, chances are, if you don’t have a total hacksaw job, you probably think you are doing everything right with your current look. But there are certain mistakes you may be making. Scarier still? These mishaps may be making you look a lot older!!

    The Most Common Slip-Up

    There is one common style mistake that I sees women make time and time again: not getting a haircut often enough. “Even just a trim will keep hair in its best shape. Split ends climb up the hair, so, for long hair especially, I recommend a trim every seven weeks.”

    The Ultimate Ager

    Sure, color is a totally separate category that could go on for endless contents in the story of hairstyles, but the ultimate way you can add years to your look: sporting hair color that is way too blond. “It can wash out a woman’s skin tone, so having a natural root base with subtle balayage highlights around the face and ends will bring out your eyes and skin.”

    The Out-of-Date Do

    Even if you’ve kicked your hairspray obsession and prefer au natural , chances are you may still be making a very common hair mistake that looks more tired than on trend. The biggest don’t, is overlayering your hair and making it to fussy and also bad, stripy highlights may be making you look a lot older.